Every Little Helps: LED lighting is having an impact on UK energy demand

Posted by FSAV 08/01/2019 0 Comment(s)

Installing a single low-energy LED lamp may only make a minuscule contribution towards reducing the carbon emissions that are overheating the planet. However, if millions choose LED's, the collective effort would be more significant.


Studies show that by making products more energy efficient, has already been more effective than renewable energy at cutting CO2 emissions. 


EU product standards on items such as light bulbs, fridges, vacuum cleaners and similar appliances, have played a large part towards reducing energy demand. 


Electricity generation peaked in the UK around 2005 but generation per person has recently dropped down to that of 1984. 



The big switch from coal power to renewables helped the UK meet ambitions to cut carbon emissions. Reports say this switch reduced fossil fuel energy by the equivalent of 95 terawatt hours between 2005 and now, whilst energy efficiency has contributed to lowering energy demand by 103 TWh. 


Alongside the average household becoming more efficient, large companies have also made major strides, for example large supermarket chains have been working hard to improve the performance of lighting and refrigeration. 


As a result of this, many organisations are experiencing lower energy bills, even when the cost of energy has gone up. 


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